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"The moose hunters did well; we shot a nice bull in a large clearcut. Its rack measured 41"  with 17 points and weighed in at 750lbs at the check station. A very successful, semi-guided moose hunt for us in northern New Hampshire. Thanks to Brian & Iris for everything."
Don Bennett
Union Dale, PA
NH Moose Hunt
"We really appreciate the hospitality we received at camp. The place is beautiful and was fully-stocked with goodies. Nice camp, back in the wilderness of northern NH. A nice compliment to our successful hunt for a NH bull moose."

Justin Lindholm
Rutland, VT
NH Moose Hunt
""""Brian was extremely accomodating to both our time schedule and our personal interests. He is very knowledgeable about local history and points of interest. This moose tour was a great value!
"""Brian knows where the moose are! This tour was the highlight of our trip to NH!
Ondrea Bates
Ida, MI
"Thanks for the photos and the tour - it was really wonderful.  We enjoyed our time with you - I'm sure it is not easy to spend 4-5 hours with total strangers on a tour, so I doubly appreciate your patience, interest, and outstanding knowledge of wildlife in upper NH.
All of us were very impressed with the number of moose that we saw. Thanks again for a wonderful time. If we take another moose tour, we'll certainly be in contact with you.  We really loved the experience."

Marc Rothenberg
Hauppage, NY

Thank you for a wonderful moose tour. It was great to see moose in their natural habitat and learn so much about their habits. Your knowledge of their favorite feeding locations in New Hampshire and Maine was amazing.  The visit to the antler collector's exhibition was very interesting and our kids loved the free moose and beaver teeth gifts. The photo of our family in the archway made of antlers is a classic. Thanks again for a wonderful tour.
 Gerald Gorman

I enjoyed the hunt. Larry (Guide) tried very hard to get us a shot at a big VT moose. We did pass up a small bull and some cows the second day so we did have some opportunities to fill our tag. I would consider hunting with you and Larry if we are lucky enough to be drawn again.

                               Craig Sobolewski
                               Madison, WI
                               VT Moose Hunt
It was certainly an enjoyable hunt with no complaints other than the lack of bedtime story and limited reading material in the outhouse.....just kidding.  Thought the food and company was excellent and would share a hunting camp with you and Ethan anytime.  The weather cooperated for us and the meat from my bull is excellent. That monster bull we saw doesn't know how close he came to wearing my tag. I can still picture him staring at us. I guess he decided not to hang around and see what was going to happen next.

Wayne Jeffrey
Barnstead, NH
NH Moose Hunt
“Wow, what an experience.  Great tour, great tour guide and a native at that.  Brian knew the roads, the people, the history and where to go.  This tour is a “must” if at all possible.  So refreshing to have a privately guided tour and the opportunity to ask 1,000,000 questions and get 1,000,000 answers.  Brian loves what he does and he is absolutely passionate about the animals.  Knows it all! Amazing! That is all I can say.”
Jan Agee
Arlington, TX
Moose Tour