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Moose Calling & Photography Adventures
     During the months of September and October, Moose Country Guide Service  offers guided photo adventures for both amateur and professional wildlife and nature photographers. Your guide is skilled at locating and calling moose.
     This is the mating season for moose and they can be called in close for some nerve-racking, in-your-face action. It provides the photographer an opportunity to capture not only the majestic moose during their mating rituals but also countless other species of mammals and birds that are encountered along the way. During this time, some great photo opportunities of the fantastic foliage can be an added bonus of these trips.  to add text.
All photos on this page were taken by us, over the last four seasons, in the very same areas that our clients will be guided for their own photo opportunities. Since we are dealing with wild animals, we cannot guarantee that they will cooperate and give you perfect poses and plenty of time to get the shots you want. These "photo-ops" may last several minutes or just a few brief moments, so the better you know your equipment and the better you keep your composure in the heat of the moment, the more great shots you can come away with. We have taken thousands of moose photos in these areas and will do our very best to provide you with the best chance for success.

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