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MCGS offers our clients an opportunity to venture out via canoe on a nature-viewing trip that provides a more natural setting than our standard "road tour". There are both benefits and drawbacks to this type of tour: This adventure has a much lower moose-sighting rate than our road tour (although moose are often sighted traveling to and from the launch area) but typically gives more opportunities to see other types of wildlife in their natural environment. This tour also, many times, offers a much better backdrop for photographs than our road tour. It does, however, require that our clients be exposed to the natural elements while out in the canoe. 
We recommend that this 5 hour tour be done early in the morning (if possible) for several reasons: the natural movements of wildlife are generally enhanced; there is usually a minimal amount of wind (which makes paddling much easier) and the lighting is more photo-friendly in the early to mid-morning hours. Along with your camera, we suggest you bring a hat and sunglasses,  warm, waterproof outerwear (in case of rain), insect repellent and a good set of binoculars. This tour is available for a maximum of 2 guests and only during he months of May and June..
Moose are quite often spotted along the roadsides of New England and can offer some up-close viewing opportunities. MCGS has spent numerous hours travelling the roads in our area and we are very familiar with the particular spots that can offer the best possibility of moose sightings. 
During the spring and early summer (April-June), moose will frequent preferred mudholes along the roadside. These are areas where water naturally accumulates and where winter road salt leeches into the water. These animals are naturally drawn to these "salt licks" and seem to have a daily regimen that includes visits to these licks a few times each day and night.
Your guide will take a party of up to 4 people for a 4-hour drive through the scenic North Country to these various locations in an effort to show our clients some moose. We are VERY confident that you will see moose. We have seen as many as 40+ moose before in just one trip!!! But, occaisionally, Mother Nature just doesn't cooperate and we get skunked. (We offer a partial refund if you do not see any!) Don't forget to bring your camera and binoculars!!!

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